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About Us:

We, Sidma Pest Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SPSPL) established in 2005, and previously in known as “Pest Solutions” a successful company in the field of providing Pest Control Services.

Now SPSPL in the field of providing Pest Control Services with Modern, Highly effective and Safe Technology. We have a team of professionally experience personnel. We guide and supervise our trained technicians to provide high quality Pest Control Service.

SPSPL believes that effective, responsible pest elimination should be less dependent upon Chemical pesticides and more reliant upon techniques such as exclusion, traps and surveillance. This blend of non-chemical tactics and localized use of pesticides is called as Integrated Pest Control, which ultimately results to live pest-free life.

SPSPL does not wish to rely on Repeated, Residual pesticide applications to form a passive barrier against would-be pest invaders. That approach ignores two flaws: One, insects develop resistance to pesticides, especially when pesticides are used repetitively in low doses. Secondly, the use of subsequent high dosages can be harmful to human, pests and the environment.

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